Scientists Confirm What Guys Have Claimed For Years: The G-Spot Does NOT Exist

[Source] - MEN who struggle to find a woman’s G-spot now have a rock-solid excuse — scientists say it does not exist. A study found no evidence of powerful orgasms stimulated by a small sensitive region, as has been claimed for 70 years. 

Medics from Istanbul also claimed anatomical evidence for the presence of the G spot was “insufficient and weak”.

The study may be a relief for many. One survey found 22 per cent of men felt finding it was the main aim during sex.

What a win on a Monday! What a goddamn win! No more trying to find D.B. Cooper's treasure like 22 percent of those dummies saying it was the main aim during sex. Can't find something that doesn't exist! And if there's a group of people I trust it's the medics from Istanbul and people from Rutgers. Smartest people in the goddamn world if you ask me. 

Now if these docs really wanted to surprise me, teach me more. Like don't just tell me the g spot is fake, we knew that. We all, well 78% of us, believed that. Granted, the G-Spot is an awesome name for a place that makes you cum, but there was zero chance of finding something like that. Scientists just confirmed it, that's all. 

I will acknowledge the term 'insufficient and weak' in terms of trying to find the G-Spot feels like a cruel joke though. That's just a scientist being funny and knowing that there's a 100% chance girls have thought that when a guy fails miserably here. Just feels good to have this pressure off on a Monday though - especially a Monday leading into a holiday. Big, big win.