Cheryl's Husband Had To Where A Mask On A Business Trip And Now He Has Clamedia :(



Well there you have it. As it turns out, wearing a mask isn't a political issue at all but a health hazard instead. Look at Cheryl. A happily married lady, living her life spreading memes and propaganda on Facebook all day every day. She kissed her husband Bob goodbye as he left for another business trip, despite the fact he's been gainfully unemployed for the last 10 years, but that's neither here no there. And what happened on said business trip? They forced him to where a mask and now he has clamedia. Shakin' my damn head. It's incredible how unsafe these masks are, fellas. We can't even go on a business trip without our dick leaking anymore. I thought this was the land of the free and now the government is giving us STDs? What's next? Our right to beat up poor people? I shudder at even the thought!

So be safe boys. Don't wear that mask if you want your willy to work. And besides, coronavirus is a hoax anyway. We have 15 cases right now and it'll be down to 0 in no time. Don't be a sheep. That's how you get clamedia. 

Live look at Cheryl's husband on his business trip:




PS: Wouldn't be shocked to learn KB No Swag is behind the Cheryl account. Life is one big parody now. Nothing would surprise me.