The Cavs And Pistons Are Trying To Create The 'Delete Eight' - A Tournament For The 8 NBA Teams Not Going To Orlando

[The Athletic] - Sources say the Cavs, Pistons and Hawks have been among the most vocal organizations and several teams (including the Timberwolves) are expressing interest in possibly serving as the hosts. Sources say Las Vegas and Houston were among the cities mentioned by league officials as possible locations on the Thursday call.

The Knicks, sources say, have expressed reservations about participating, in part because they have a roster with several soon-to-be free agents who might decline to take part (as many as eight players potentially). If accommodations could be made to help a team like the Knicks fill its roster by way of G League players, however, then that could be an X-factor of sorts.

Fuck it, let's go and watch the Delete Eight. We can probably work on the name, but I appreciate the nod to the Elite Eight and just poking that these teams stink. You know why? Because I'm desperate for sports and hoops in general. I will watch any basketball you give me right now. 

And of course the Knicks are the ones being the loudest about not playing. Who cares about the soon-to-be free agents? Have them sit out and play your young guys/two-way contract guys/G League guys who you think might make it to the NBA one day. Use it as a minor league tournament, I don't fucking care. 

But set this up like an AAU Tournament. Put four teams in two different pools. Play pool play and then seed them so Pool A Seed 1 plays Pool B Seed 4 and down the line. Give us a few more days of sports. No one will complain, I promise. No one will care if we're watching all rookies and G League guys. Honestly, this would be great for all the players involved - assuming they want to play. Get a little more run, get a chance to show out in front of coaching staffs and front offices. 

But why not? Like I said we couldn't be more starved for sports and hoops. Even if it's just like 4 days worth, let me watch please.