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Your 2020 Takie Awards Cheat Sheet: Categories, Nominees, and Winners for All 22 Honors

Fresh off the holiday weekend, Pardon My Take returned with one of the most popular shows of the calendar year: the 2020 Takie Awards! There are 20+ awards to hand out, including appearances from Tommy Lasorda, Chris Hansen, Cassius Stanley, Hacksaw Jim Duggan, BIGTIME TOMMIE, Kato Kaelin, James Garretson, Butterbean, Kermit the Frog, and Curt Schilling. 

Below is a Takie "cheat sheet" that includes every category, nominee, and winner (listed in italics).

1. Worst Take of the Year

Dan Wolken (LSU hiring Coach O)*

Skip Bayless - Throwing away Zeke jersey with microwave

John Elway - Joe Flacco entering his prime

Dave Portnoy - Telling TMZ TB12 wouldn't leave New England

Big Cat - Inject corona if March Madness is canceled, thanks for coming out Chiefs, Laker Dan


2. Trend of the Year

Richard Mille watches - Odell watches

Going for 2 down 14

Disavowing the royal family

Cheating - (Astros, SVP Sliders, etc)*

3. Football Guy of the Year

Will Muschamp: “Thanksgiving is a meal, not a day.”

Dan Mullen: Learned to multiply by sevens before any other number so he could count TD’s

Coach O: Winning Natty, befriending the sun, everything*

Winnipeg Blue Bombers fan Chris Matthew who hadn’t worn pants in 18 years until his team won the Grey Cup.

4. Rising Star

Jason Whitlock

Woody Paige*

Jake Marsh

5. Family-Friendly Chain Restaurant Offering A Sports Bar-style Setting For American Food and Arcade Games

Chuck E. Cheese

Dave & Buster's*


6. Premature Celebration

Egg Bowl

49ers Instagram picture*

State of Florida


7. Postseason Tourney that Duke Didn't Qualify For of the Year

NCAA Tournament*




8. Lib of the Year

Chris Long*

Mike Gundy*

Drew Brees*

Billy Football*


9. Question We Asked Rob Lowe to Ask Magic Johnson on Rob Lowe's New Podcast When He Had Magic Johnson On As A Guest

Rob Lowe Asking Magic Johnson The Question We Asked Him*


10. Canadian of the Year

Don Cherry

Lucas Magnota

Luke Willson*

11. Invention of the Year


Coronavirus Vaccine*

NFL 100 Logo

Elon Musk's Truck

12. PFT's Dad of the Year

Mike Florio

Marlins Man

PFT's Real Dad*


13. Thirst Trap of the Year

Doja Cat

Brooks Koepka's GQ Spread

Julian Edelman on Father's Day*

14. Apology of the Year

Rudy Gobert

Drew Brees Handshake Picture*

Mike Gundy

Big Ben Roethlisberger

15. Still Alive Person of the Year

Willie Mays

Kim Jong-Un

Tommy Lasorda*

16. Preemptive Take of the Year

Mike Gundy

Antonio Brown

Dan Dakich (eventually saying MJ is better than LeBron because of divorce)*

GettyImages-1094769164.jpg Michael Hickey. Getty Images.


17. Worst Prediction of the Year

Clay Travis Tweet 1 (1,000 deaths)*

Clay Travis Tweet 2

Clay Travis Tweet 3

Clay Travis Tweet 4

18. Retirement of the Year

Conor McGregor*

Rob Gronkowski

Leroy the Dog

19. 19-year-old of the Year

Addison Rae

Lil Pump

Maverick Baker

Blake Gray


Lovely Peaches

Hunter Roland

20. Holy Shit That Show Came Out This Year

Tiger King

Love is Blind

Don't Fuck With Cats 



21. Blake of the Year

Blake Bortles

Blake Koepka

Blake Griffin

(We're not spoiling this one!) 

22. Podcast Listeners of the Year

Daddy Gang

Cum Boys

Rob Lowe's Lomosexuals


And with that, the 2020 Takies are in the books. 22 awards, plenty of winners, and so many memories. Congrats to everyone who is taking home a trophy this year. We'll be back and better than ever in 2021.