Little League Tony Gwynn Somehow Just Hit Two Baseballs At The Same Time

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I know it's unfair to lump a kid that hasn't even snuck a swig of booze from his parents liquor cabinet with the greatest hitter any of us have ever seen. But that type of pure contact talent comes around once in a generation at best. From the right side no less! After years of utter dominance, I think we have finally found someone that can hit Dice-K's infamous gyroball.

You can bang on as many trash cans and shoot yourself with as many weirdly named steroids as you want to gain an edge. However at the end of the day, it still comes down to See Baseball, Hit Baseball and this little guy can do it twice in the bat of an eye (no pun intended). Not only does this kid have quicker hands than Delino DeShields AND Dave Portnoy but he is the first ever prospect to break the age old baseball scouts grading scaled of 20-80 since I have him penciled in as a perfect 100-80 Contact grade. 

Can't wait to see the sabermetrics nerds try to discount this young Jeff McNeil's amazing accomplishment considering he just made all their fancy spray charts and defensive shifts irrelevant.