Someone Ripped A Hellacious Fart After Greg Chalmers Teed Off At The Travelers Championship

"Was that supposed to be more silent than that?"

I'm gonna say yes! Lord have mercy! During a global pandemic no less! Somebody might've split their pants on that one. Not sure I've ever seen a more relatable golf moment than someone ripping a hellacious beer fart on the first tee. Early tee time, you just crushed a breakfast sandwich in the clubhouse, your tummy is still rumbling from the events of the prior evening and all of a sudden BOOOOOOOOOOM. It just happens. Extremely courteous to wait until everyone has teed off before letting it go. Who unleashed that? Was it that fuck Ian Poulter who let it rip like that? No way, right? Poulter strikes me as the kind of guy who goes to a different room so he doesn't fart in front of his wife. If you're a media member on site at the Travelers and you're reading this, ask Poulter and Chalmers who ripped the fart on one. It's your journalistic duty.

By the way this gave me a weird idea. You wanna hear massive massive farts? I mean you might not might not want to hear massive farts but if you do, put mics on every first tee box at every muni in the world on Saturday and Sunday mornings. It'll be an endless line of a bunch of average Joes ripping Budweiser farts after a long night at the bar. We probably shouldn't do this because the farts would be truly horrific but it's an idea nonetheless.