Shaq Tore The Damn Rim Off The Backboard During A Game Of HORSE vs Gronk And Everyone Is Just Pretending It's Real

There's something fishy here, right? Don't get me wrong I 100% believe Shaq can still tear rims off the damn backboard, but this looked a bit too easy. This is exactly what they wanted to do. Have Shaq rip a rim off, do a little spike in front of Gronk and go viral. It's working! But that's what this is. 

 Now that said, this has to be the most badass feeling in the sports world. Being so damn strong you just rip the damn rim off, the only thing missing is breaking a backboard, but Shaq knows how that feels too. 

The best part though for sure is Gronk. Not only does he somehow look 10 years younger but you know there's no one in the world who found this cooler than Gronk. The man loves brute force and laughing. He also 100% would refuse to believe any of this is fake. His reaction when Shaq spikes the rim is worth the video and fake viral part of it for me. The sound of ripping a rim off a backboard is a top-5 sound in the basketball world. It's not as good as sneakers squeaking or a complete swish, but it's up there. 

PS: Still the best Gronk/basketball story: