After The Mavs Lost The 2006 NBA Finals, Mark Cuban Picked Up All The Players In A Private Jet At 2am For A Surprise Vegas Trip

Imagine being Jason Terry, or really any other Mavs player here. You're laying in bed trying to cope with the fact that the refs Dwyane Wade's free throws beat you. All of a sudden your phone goes off at 2am. That has to be terrifying before you even see it's the owner of your team. You don't want that fight with your girlfriend/wife. The last thing you want to do is start playing the mind game of who the hell is texting you at 2am and what excuse you can make. 

But then the even more terrifying part happens. It's not a sidepiece texting you. It's not a buddy sending a text with too many details. It's Mark Cuban telling you to get to the jet. Sounds very much like you're about to get whacked and/or cut. That's the type of text that you have to jump up out of bed and rush instantly. You barely have time to shower. 

This is the ultimate Vegas trip though. Sure teams and people go there to celebrate, but not when you have Cuban as the owner of your team. You're going there to party your ass off and forget what the hell just happened. 

Imagine how Dirk was out there. That man loved to party, just look at some of these pictures of the past: 

Him and Steve Nash would be top tier party picks for me. Back to Vegas though - this is just smart by Cuban. Get them out there, try to have them party everything out of their system, build that team unity bullshit and get ready for the next season. Like Terry said, if those walls could talk. I need to know more of this story and what happened out there. 


Gotta be a top-1 scary text turned great text though here.