Dustin Johnson Fired A Career-Low 61 On Moving Day At The Travelers Championship


What a fucking round from DJ. I'll be honest, I'm pretty surprised that DJ hasn't fired a 61 or 60 before in his PGA Tour career. The man has spent many many weeks as the #1 golfer in the world over the course of his career and the dude EASILY has the game to go deep on just about every course at every PGA Tour stop but somehow he hadn't shot a 61 before. Golf is weird as shit. But he went out there today at TPC River Highlands, shot 61 and (momentarily) grabbed the lead all to himself. Quite a day.

Not to mention I think I read on Twitter (or made this up completely in my head, one or the other) that DJ is on his third putter in three weeks. The guy can't simply stop changing putters. So since the restart DJ has had three different putters in his bag and he STILL was able to go out there and shoot a 61. That just shows how good the best golfers in the world really are. It makes me think that DJ could go out there with a set of rusty irons and a Happy Gilmore-like putter and still be near the top of the leaderboard every week, he's that good at the game of golf. 

PS- It would've been nice to be able to see more of DJ's round. TV coverage has been a DISASTER today. There was a 40-minute stretch where I was downloading all different kinds of apps just to try and see live golf. How is that possible? I know that makes me sound like I'm 200 years old but can't we just put golf on regular ass TV? It's literally one of the only sports happening. When is that ever going to be the case again? I get that there's TV contracts and blah blah blah but let's all just work together and allow as many people to watch golf while it's one of the few things happening in the world.

And I get that it's more screwed up than usual because of the moved up tee times today but look at this 

That's a goddamn scavenger hunt to watch live golf. And no, I don't know how to fix it, so I'm just gonna whine and pout on Twitter and hope somebody smarter than me figures it out.