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If You Thought Overcast Weather Was Gonna Stop Phil From Wearing Sunglasses Today, Think Again

Fashion over function. That's Phil Mickelson's attitude when it comes to whether or not he's going to wear his sunglasses on any given day. There isn't a single ray of sunshine out there today in Cromwell, Connecticut but Phil doesn't care. If you've ever bought an expensive pair of sunglasses you know the feeling, it could be snowing outside and you're still gonna put those bad boys on and stunt. I mean they literally had to move the tee times up today because bad weather is expected at any minute yet one of that stopped Phil from putting on the shades and I get it. He looks fucking Phenomenal in those aviators. The guy just turned 50 eleven days ago and he has never looked better. He's slimmed down, he's sun kissed and he's near the top of the leaderboard at the Travelers so it's obviously working.  Basically the guy is perpetually in San Diego in his head and his outfit matches that attitude.