This New Will Ferrell Sketch Is Absolutely Hilarious

Classic Ferrell. This is prime SNL for my money's worth. The type of heights I didn't know they were capable of reaching in the modern era. I believe the French refer to this caliber of performance art as "Avant-garde." Because after watching this several times I have no idea which side he's on. That's the brilliance of this borderline coherent rant. I assume the muzzle is a face mask. That feels correct. The dumbass lying idiots he's referring to has to be whoever is in charge of Florida, which I believe is an alligator who died some time in the late-1800s which was later taxidermied and placed outside of a strip mall. He's mad that these are the people who are going to get everyone killed. So he's back on the pro-mask side. But then he's talking about getting his freedoms taken. Staunchly anti-mask. Then he says the "muzzled like a mad dog" line again, clearly something he's been saying to himself for weeks now and couldn't wait to work that one onto a live audience. He felt so good about it he went back to that well once his passion got ahead of his brain and his sentence was no longer words. No matter, that type of pizzazz is all I'm really looking for these days. Whatever side this pro-life, anti-mask individual eventually falls on is what I'm following for the rest of Corona 2020. Because this is a man who ultimately just wants truth and freedom, I think, and really who among us cannot relate? Thank you, Mr. Ferrell. Your irreverence has been a blessing to us yet again.