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Weekend Wake Up: The Song Of The Millennium

This is one of those songs that I will never, ever get tired of. Doesn't matter where or when, if this song is on you have to sing every word. You should have seen Reservoir High School's homecoming when this song came on, you've never seen more awkward kids in your life. Sometimes you have to just throw this on Youtube just to remind yourself you can still sing the entire song. Very iconic music video too, the Dipset jerseys were on pointtttt. And if you didn't do the Cam'Ron piano fingers at the end like he does in the video than you're missing out. 

I still remember putting "I'm 18 and live a crazy life. Plus I'll tell you what the 80's like" as my away message every night. Easily a top song of the 2000's, let alone the millennium. Such a feel good song too, you can't not bob your head or tap your foot if it comes on. This is in contention for first song I play on Touchtunes when we're fully allowed back in the bars again, talk about a way to set off a party. 

PS. This song only having 33 million views on Youtube is a tragedy. I'd expect at least a billion.

PPS. This song had a great cameo in the underrated movie, "End Of Watch".

PPPS. Anna Kendrick, sup?