What Subjects Did You Assign To What Color Notebook In School?

People are really passionate about pointless shit that we did in grade school, and I'm here for all of it. 

Everyone had their own little designations for these. At first it was something your mom made you do so you'd stop bringing home the wrong fucking ones. "You READ in English so English is RED", but then it became a very important part of your childhood personality. 

Apparently people are very passionate that the science notebook must be green. Why? 

Because science covers environmental topics and plants and most of those are green? I guess? I'm not buying it. To me science was always cold, the lights in the classroom felt like you were under the knife in surgery, and it was very just...blah. It was yellow. Not as harsh as red, not as light as green. Just yellow. 

How about this? I used yellow to remind myself to "slow" global warming. 

When I thought about social studies I thought about the adventures of Lewis & Clark or some shit like that. They were out in the wilderness - green. 

I was terrible at math so for me blue reminded me that I "blow" at math. Simple things like this that, again, started off as me being able to remember the correct notebooks to bring home so my mom didn't beat my ass and I could go to the high school football game on Friday night in middle school.

At the end of the day now it doesn't even matter. Everyone who is in school has totally switched to tablets or "elearning" and has no idea what the fuck any of us are talking about.