The Boys Will Return For Season 2 On September 4th And I Am So Goddamn Excited


I'm not sure I've ever been more pleasantly surprised from the first season of a TV show than I was with The Boys. It instantly vaulted to one of my favorite shows that are currently on and has had me desperately waiting for season two. If you have not seen season 1, please use this time to go binge the fuck out of it on Amazon Prime. You will love it. 

What's it about? Basically what the world would look like if superheroes were held under corporate control where they're marketed and sent out on schedules to patrol. Of course with that comes corruption from those who control the company and deal with the government. It's kind of what they were aiming for in Avengers Civil War except in a more fucked up way. The twist is that these superheroes, called The Seven, have a lot of bad to them that the public doesn't see. Billy Butcher, played by Karl Urban, is the star of the show and he HATES The Seven. Billy wants them all to die and for good reason. He specifically hates Homelander, who is essentially the Superman of the team. The show is filled with cursing, comedy, and a shit ton of gore mixed together in a perfect blend. 

Oh it also has Erin Moriarty who I love. 


She plays Stargirl and is incredible in the show as well. Everyone is fantastic. Even Nate Archibald from Gossip Girl is in this playing some extremely creepy superhero who speaks to dolphins. 

Season 2 has a release date finally. They will air 3 episodes on September 4th that I will watch the second they drop, followed by an episode per week for the next 5 weeks. I like that a lot because my dumb brain can't run through all of them in one day. September 4th feels like an eternity away, but it's something to look forward to at least. That's the shit that keeps me going right now. I'm sick and tired of movies getting delayed until 2021. We now know The Boys is coming. Here's the trailer for Season 2. I'm so fucking pumped.