Bryson DeChambeau Nearly Drove The Green On a 442-Yard Par 4 At The Travelers.......So Yeah

BAH GAWD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I can't hide it anymore, I love this version of Bryson DeChambeau. I fucking love it. He's currently still beefing with us at the Fore Play podcast but I just don't give a shit. I love Incredible Hulk Bryson. He's so so so so so much fun to watch right now. What. A. Smash. And save the, "this is ruining the game" bullshit. Bryson is quite literally the only person doing shit like this. When 90% of the guys on Tour are hitting 360-yard drives dead straight leaving just a wedge in, come talk to me. Until then just enjoy the Bryson Show because so far it is phenomenal.

Oh and then this is what Bryson did on the ninth hole

So to answer JT's question, that is where Bryson is at.