Chelsea Fans Bitched And Moaned That A TV Station Showed Liverpool Fans Celebrating The Title Instead Of Chelsea Celebrating A Goal

So we know the story by now right? Chelsea beats Man City yesterday so Liverpool wins the Premier League with 7 matches left. We can debate how there should be playoffs and how it kind of sucks that Liverpool now has 7 meaningless games. Like what if they just don't show up? I'm actually cheering for that. 

So why the fuck are Chelsea fans complaining? I don't get it. They are acting like San Diego State or Dayton fans who complain when you say they are the 3rd best team in the country this past season instead of 1. Like yeah man, Dayton was good, they were a No. 1 seed, but they had a lot of questions considering their resume wasn't awesome. There were flaws. Yeah, we're not putting Dayton vs UMass on CBS over Kentucky/Florida. Don't tell Dayton fans that though. 

What's more important here though? A title celebration or a goal leading to a title celebration. This is where I love soccer fans though. They get fucking pissed like SEC football fans that refs favor Alabama. Oh you're showing Liverpool celebrate a title? Fuck you, show our goal celebration. In fairness, they should. It was our American hero scoring. So as I write this blog, I agree with Chelsea all of a sudden.

PS: Watch Clem sing for Chelsea