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This Guy Is Painted Red, Right?

Giphy Images.


Every year we see pictures/videos of people who got outrageously sunburnt. For some reason I'm drawn in by these pictures/videos because 1) we've all been there, but 2) how do you not, at any point, realize your skin is sizzling like a fajita skillet?

For example, this girl 



Great video. You sometimes forget when you're on a boat your skin is catching Ray Bakers from every angle. Next thing you know you are bathing in Aloe for the next week. But you can tell that's a real sun burn, no doubt about it. You can feel the burn through your computer screen.

But this guy? This cannot be real.



That is a man painted red. I am sure of it. Nobody can get that red and live to tell the story. That's just…that's just too red. He looks like a red smurf


Screen Shot 2020-06-26 at 10.58.25 AM.png


And pardon my ignorance but if you do somehow burn that red…do you like, go to the hospital? Do your organs fry? I just cannot fathom that being real. Skin doesn't turn that color in real life. It's a preposterous amount of sun burn to the point where I'm unable to comprehend it. I can't process it. Word to the wise, don't be tougher than the sun. The fuckin' sun.