Spencer Dinwiddie Now Accuses The NBA For Having 22 Teams Go To Orlando Strictly To Make Sure Zion Was Playing

This is what I'm talking about. I know Spencer Dinwiddie is one of the, if not the most outspoken player in the league. He doesn't care what he says and is willing to take risks and call shit out. But this is what I wanted to see with no games currently being played. I need guys like Dinwiddie, Pat Bev, people like that who will stir shit up, talking. 

It's not even like Dinwiddie is wrong. Of course the league wanted Zion in there. I've said it numerous times before, Zion draws eyes which draws money and the league is a business. Does it make sense how they are doing the Orlando restart? No, not really honestly. If they wanted 22 teams they could have set up the pool play or a true play-in tournament for the 7/8 seeds like were discussed, but instead they are having teams play 8 games. Some of these teams don't even have a shot to get within the limit for the 8 seed play-in game. So why put more people there? 

Again, give me this though. Give me guys starting to talk shit because they are bored and cooped up like the rest of us. Give me the drama before we get to the AAU style trip to Orlando. I want to hear about a skirmish at the ice machine. I want all of the THIS LEAGUE bullshit.