Heroic Topless Sunbather Saves Family From Drowning

Cornwall Live - A woman from Cornwall is being hailed a hero after saving a family from drowning … while topless.

 As one of Jessica Layton’s friends put it, “not all heroes wear capes, some of them don’t even wear bikini tops”.

The 28-year-old from Penzance was sunbathing on naturist beach Pedn Vounder, near Porthcurno, yesterday (Tuesday, June 23) when the drama happened. ...

“I was topless in the sea when I saw two young women struggling to swim near rocks. Another member of the family ran in to help them and she started struggling too. ...

“I swam towards them and thought ‘oh s**t’ as I realised how strong the rip current was. I was struggling myself and they were panicking, which wasn’t ideal in a situation like that. ... They were all holding hands, so I grabbed one of their hands and pulled them all on to the beach."

The incident involved two sisters and a cousin. ...

“Fortunately, I’d just put my bikini bottoms on before it happened. It’s a classic – of course I was going to be topless when something like this happens!”

My friends, we are not gathered here to talk about Jessica Layton's state of undress. What matters in not what she was or was not wearing. We cannot let her courage and selflessness be lost in the idea of being pulled from the sea by a half naked woman. So if you came here for that sort of content, well then, just keep moving mister. Because that's not what this is about. 

I'm here to talk to you about the dangers of riptides. 

Those things are a nasty phenomenon. Get caught in one of those currents when the tide is just so, and you feel like you'll be pulled out into the middle of international waters. Panic can set in. Even with the most confident swimmer. The important thing is to stay calm. Don't fight the current, it'll just wear you out. According to the government site Sci Jinks:

Stay afloat, yell for help, swim parallel to the shore. Do not exhaust yourself fighting the current. ... [A]bout 100 people drown in rip currents every year. Lifeguards in the U.S. rescue another 30,000 swimmers from rip currents each year."

And the odds of a brave, resourceful 28-year-old nude beach enthusiast from Penzance, UK coming along in a bikini bottom at exactly the right time to pull you to safety are infinitesimal. So if that's your plan, forget about it. If this blatantly clickbait blog post saves just one life ... well, it'll be two fewer than Jessica Layton saved in half a bathing suit. But it'll still have been worth it.

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