Liverpool Won The Premier League Yesterday...From Their Patio

Yesterday was a historic day for soccer. For the first time in their clubs history, Liverpool won the Premier League. 

(Side note: The Premier League started in 1992, Liverpool has multiple titles from when the top league in England was known as the football league first division). 

The weird thing, at least for Americans, was they won the league from their patio. 

Thanks to Chelsea beating Manchester City (team in 2nd), Liverpool clinched the Premier League. It's been a foregone conclusion that they were going to finish 1st since December or so, but it still doesn't take away from the weirdness of winning from your patio. 

I guess to me it's anti-climatic. As a guy who grew up watching American sports, you think of the final seconds coming off the clock and the winning team celebrating their championship together on the court. The fans are going crazy and they lift the trophy together. Instead, Liverpool won the league thanks to another team winning yesterday. 

I've always thought playoffs in soccer would be great, but that's the American in me. With multiple games left in the season, it seems weird that a champion has already been crowd. That being said, the purest way to crown a champion is by seeing who the best team is throughout the entire season. There are a lot of variables that can occur over 1 game or even a 7 game series. This may not be true for football, because all 32 teams playing each other in a season would be difficult, but something like baseball? There may be an argument that if every team plays each other an equal amount of times, the team with the best record at the end of it is the best team.