Does Underwater Hockey Need Enforcers?

The thing that most people don't understand is that there's a difference between a goon and an enforcer. A goon is someone who just runs around out there like an asshole. A goon is like a pest with just a little more size. So a goon will still throw plenty of cheap shots out there and they're not afraid to play a greasy game. But an enforcer? Well an enforcer plays the game with honor. An enforcer lives and dies by the code. An enforcer is out there to make sure that everybody is playing a good, honest game. Violence just so happens to be the best way to enforce that code onto the rest of the game. 

Now when I watch this underwater hockey game, I'm seeing a lot of diving out there. That's some certified grade A chicken shit. No honor. No integrity. Just an absolute clown show. So does underwater hockey need enforcers to keep that shit out of the game? You're goddamn right it does. Sure, there would be some minor details to hammer out before we let the boys start chucking some knucks out there. Like should the fights be above or below water? It would make sense for underwater hockey fights to take place underwater, but I also feel like drowning might become a bit of an issue there. Also we might need to work on the uniforms a little bit. It's kind of weird for two dudes to be fighting while wearing nothing but speedos and flippers. Not that there's anything wrong with that. WWE has been doing it for decades now. 

P.S. - Definitely need to keep the shifts quick in underwater hockey.