WWF Fridays: The Raw Is War Intro

This entire time I thought that I loved Monday Night Raw during the Attitude Era because of the crazy amounts of entertaining characters, gratuitous violence, and occasional T&A slapped injected into my adolescent eyeballs. Turns out I never had a choice but to love a product where you got an intro video like that with one of the million bangers that WWF music team pumped out back then followed by a live crowd full of maniacs with awesome signs losing their collective shit as fireworks popped off everywhere. I am not sure what the latest designer drug in the street is. Or what a designer drug even is because I'm a Lame. But no drug on the planet is, was, or ever will hit as good as those late 90s Raws.

If anyone else wants to get the juices really flowing on this Friday, click on the tweet below and go down this glorious thread of Raw intros from 1999.

h/t Erik

P.S. I personally was never a big Gangrel fan and think it's crazy he made the opening montage. However at the same time, it just wouldn't feel the same with that quick shot of him, which is why I think that millisecond snippet is his greatest contribution as a wrestler to WWE other than helping introduce Edge and Christian into our lives.