Would You Rather A) Wear A Face Mask or B) Get Beat Over The Head With A Sausage By An Ogre?

Everybody has a right to decide whether or not they want to wear a face mask. Personally I think you're a jackass if you choose not to wear one just to try to make a point, but whatever, that's your right to be a jackass. And while it's your right to decide whether or not you're going to wear a face mask, other people then reserve the right to beat you over the head with a sausage for thinking the point you're trying to make is more important than the health of everyone around you. You want your rights? That's fine, but you have to be willing to accept that other people have theirs then as well. 

So with that being the case....yeah, I'm gonna take wearing a face mask 10 times out of 10. You can't be a grown man and get smacked upside the head with a sausage by another man. You just can't. No matter how ridiculous you might think you look wearing a mask, I can assure you that you look at least 17 times more ridiculous getting slapped with a sausage. And then you add THIS display into the equation?

We're talking at least 43-48 times more ridiculous than you'd look if you just wore your mask. And that's a conservative estimate. A soft kick to the back as he's walking away, followed up by face planting onto the steps? And then proceeding to get beat even further with the sausage? There's no coming back from that. How could anybody? You need to move out of the country and create a new identity for yourself. Hope it was worth it. 

h/t Whiskey Riff