Victor Cruz Says The Only Person To Blame Over The Infamous Boat Picture Is Trey Songz

You know what, fuck it. He's right. Trey Songz is the one and only person to blame here. If he never sends that picture out, this never becomes a story and it never ruins the game against the Packers and it never ruins every image of the Giants WR group that year and it never makes me and Clem and every other Giants fan fucking livid. But he has a point. All Trey Songz had to do was not post this. 

But I get it if you're Trey Songz. You gotta get those likes and RTs and social media clout. It doesn't matter that you're a celebrity, you took this shitty R&B album cover photo, you gotta send it out. You can't wait a week for that to happen. But that goddamn picture man. Like Cruz says it was 8 days before the game, not the end of the world. But then this happens: 

And goddamnit we're mad again! I'm mad at Trey Songz. I'm mad at boats. I'm mad at Timbs. I'm mad at all the receivers. They blew a chance for Eli to make one last run. They blew a chance for me to be happy during NFL season one more time. The only person from the trip who gets a pass is Cruz. He helped win a Super Bowl so he had immunity there. 

So thanks a lot Trey Songz.