The Blind Community Is NOT HAPPY With Your Boy KFC

Kiayaj said: { Jul 23, 2010 – 04:07:57 }

It’s amazing how ignorant people can really be! I mean come on, are you serious?

Michael Postlethwait said: { Jul 23, 2010 – 08:07:56 }

I hope someone cuts some of your fingers off so we as blind people wouldn’t have to hear such insulting comments as these ones. I can understand how you guys don’t understand our ways of doing things, but grow the hell up, and don’t ever post these insulting comments again!

Dale0402 said: { Jul 24, 2010 – 06:07:10 }

you’re a disgrace to your family and i hope they read what you wrote and are ashamed of you. i know i would be if i had the missfortune to be related to you.

IKILLYOU said: { Jul 24, 2010 – 07:07:36 }

Alright you stupid fucker…I do not have the time or inclination to fucking tell donkey raping shit eaters like you how the fuck normal people live. I hope, when you feel you are ready to have a kid, that I can find you and tear off you balls with my bare hands and shoved them down your throat so your seed cannot contaminate the world. Rot in hell you testicle shitting rectal wart.

Neil96 said: { Jul 24, 2010 – 07:07:27 }

…as for your comment about riding the seeing eye dogs; firstly, they are DOGS not horses, they do not ride them, secondly; they are not cheating because although they’re very helpful they still aren’t as good as having a working pair of eyes in your head, so if anyone is cheating its you.  And a message from my mother; Payback’s a bitch, try walking a mile in my shoes mate, go get a life!

Angryblindman said: { Jul 25, 2010 – 12:07:44 }

I lost my sight at 40 and all I have to say is sighted people like yourself should be sterilized by a blind guy using a switchblade! You should never be allowed to reproduce at any cost, as a matter of fact if I had my way, I’d end your worthless existance with a sledgehammer to your head

Sisoftheblind said: { Jul 25, 2010 – 03:07:18 }

I hope that when it comes time for your judgment day that God has mercy on you

Lord_of_beer said: { Jul 26, 2010 – 05:07:37 }

I’d fuck you up the ass with a treebranch, and tell the judge I thought my stick was stuck in a pothole in the ground cause I’m blind, but even dead tree branches get some respect. I remain affectionately, the son of Satan, The Lord of Beer. Bastard heir to hell.


WOOOOOOOO EEEEEEE! Looks like my post about the blind couple who got their kid taken away struck a nerve with about a thousand fucking blind lunatics! First off let me just explain that these comments above were just like 1/10th of all the comments left on the original post and about 1/10th the length. These crazy sightless bastards wrote like 7,500 words on every comment and launched an all out assault on @barstoolnewyork on Twitter. I got roughly 1 million tweets saying I should die.

Now look, or in this case I guess not. Now listen, first thing’s first I spent all weekend thinking these blind people were magically reading my site. Kmarko and I were brainstorming all of these ways in which it was possible and then it turns out they just have some robot read it out loud to them. Um, thats fucking cheating. Just like when you guys ride your seeing eye dogs to work and shit. Like when you’re in kindergarten and you can’t read yet and the teacher reads out loud to you, you’re not reading. You’re just listening. And also when you go to the grocery store and have an assistant pick up all the shit you want for you, thats not shopping. Thats called paying for all the groceries that someone else picked out. So don’t you blindies sit here and tell me that you can do all this stuff when it turns out that you just have other people do it for you. Bottom line is if I put you guys alone in a grocery store you couldn’t find the Cinnamon Toast Crunch without breaking into every cereal box. You see what I mean? Of course you don’t! And if it weren’t for your Mr. Butlertron robot reading out loud to you I would have never even got caught in the first place. Matter of fact:

heres a snetnence comptletlye mispspelled. I hoep yuor fnacy rbobot cna raed thsi otuloud yuo chaetign mothrefcukers.

Oh and one more thing. You may be able to smell like a Basset hound and in a taste test you can probably pick out Pepsi over Coca Cola better than me, but don’t you dare tell me you’re gonna beat me up. There is not a FUCKING CHANCE I’d lose a fight to a blind person, let alone get hit in the head with a sledgehammer by one. I don’t care if you put the blind Bruce Lee in front of me, KFC will take you down to Chinatown, bro. I can’t wait for kmarko to get sucker punched though. Some blind guy is gonna hear the Barstool New York guy is next to him and just clock him because he didn’t take the time to touch his face and feel out his Chuck E Cheese features.

One thing’s for certain, deaf people definitely have a better sense of humor than blind people. I didn’t hear one peep from the deafs (double meaning zing!) I mean yea, I didn’t spit nearly as much hot fire at them as I did the Blindies but still I cracked on them at the end and they were cool as fuck.

PS – In an odd way I kind of respect the Blindies on this one. I mean they are fuckin Ride or Die. They rallied together and went NUTS. Took them about 2 extra days to do it because they were having their electronic robot maids help them register a username so they could comment but nonetheless before the week was out they were going to town on me. Really its an embarrassment for the autistic community. I rip on them like bi-weekly and never once did I get someone wishing my fingers would be cut off so I couldn’t blog anymore. By the way, that could be my favorite hate comment of all time. Either that or when Neil96 logistically explained to me that blind people don’t actually sit on top of dogs and ride them everywhere.