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"That's Pretty Nasty"- Phil Mickelson Watching Bryson DeChambeau Bomb A Drive At The Travelers

Like it or not, Bryson DeChambeau has become must-see since the PGA Tour resumed. Other than the obvious talk about COVID and which players and caddies have tested positive, the main attraction has far and away been Bryson and his transformation into the Incredible Hulk. So much so that I've been getting texts from people who do not watch golf being like, "What the hell is going on with that guy who gained 40 pounds over the course of a couple months?" Bryson's extreme body transformation has crossed over and is getting the attention of people outside the golf world. It's even grabbing the attention of the other golfers on Tour like Phil Mickelson. Lefty, a man who has made no secret about how much he loves to hit bombs, was disgusted by how nasty that bombed drive was. Normally at this point I'd be getting sick of all the coverage Bryson has been getting but I'm really not. I'm just as fascinated as everyone else with what he's doing. I'm fully rooting for him. I want him to get a win soon so he just keeps getting bigger and bigger and bigger. By the end of this, I want Bryson to be 350 pounds hitting 600 yard drives.