Hawaii's Kicker Has the Best Training Setup in the Country

Being a college football player at the University of Hawaii has to be one of the best gigs of all-time. Being a Division I football player anywhere comes with some pretty nice perks, but if you're not good enough to play for Alabama or Clemson, heading to Honolulu might be a nice consolation.

Take, for instance, Hawaii's kicker Ryan Meskell, whose summer training includes kicking footballs through two palm trees with a picturesque backdrop. That has to be the best training regimen in the country. I'm not a college kicker, but I'd imagine this is preferable to kicking out on a 105-degree turf practice field in Tuscaloosa while staring at dorms.

And again, obviously the University of Hawaii is not the pinnacle of college football, but it sure does seem like a hell of a time. And then maybe while you're there, the Rainbow Warriors have an uptick like they did in 2019 when they went 10-5 and won a bowl game. And if they don't, you're still going to college in Hawaii.

I'm sure there is some sort of measure in place to try to make sure recruits don't just take official visits to Hawaii for a free weekend vacation, but if you're a player in the range that Hawaii is recruiting, how in the world could you not take one of your five visits to Honolulu?

Regardless of whatever record Hawaii has in a given year, it looks like its players still find ways to have a good time.