Giannis Might Be The Greatest Actor Of Our Generation

Nope, I sure didn't! Not only that, but now that I know he was and have witnessed his performance I have to question what the hell the Academy was smoking to not give Giannis every Oscar in the book. I don't know about you but he convinced me, whoever that person is looking for is clearly dead. Look at the pain and hurt in Giannis' eyes. There are people who will spend thousands on acting classes that won't even be able to produce an ounce of that type of skill and emotion. 

I had to look this up and it's a scene from the movie "Dead Europe" that came out in 2012. Giannis played the extremely influential role of "neighbor's son". You bet your ass he did. Nobody has ever been a better neighbor's son than what you just witnessed. I'm honestly shocked he gave this up to pursue basketball. Being an A list actor seems like a much easier life than trying to become one of the greatest players in NBA history. That sounds exhausting. 

You see NBA players try and act in movies from time to time and it doesn't always work out. It can seem forced. Not with Giannis though. He could quit basketball right this second and take over Hollywood overnight. In fact, if you're a producer/director and you aren't trying to get Giannis into your movie in a leading role you may as well not make it. You're clearly not interested in winning Oscars or making money.

As we know, in 2013 he would get drafted and in a blink of an eye turned into ths

and is about to win back to back MVPs while being a legit title contender. I suppose maybe he made the right decision after all.