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Matt Barnes Says Steph Curry 'Owes Him A Smoke' After Promising Him They'd Smoke Weed Together If They Won A Title

Hey Steph, what the fuck man? A deal is a deal and a man is only as good as his word. If you promised Matt Barnes you'd smoke some weed with him, then you better smoke some weed with him. I picture Barnes talking similar to Will Ferrell in Step Brothers when listing players he's smoking with

I love listening to Matt Barnes man. He's one of those dudes that everyone enjoyed playing with, you don't hear former teammates or players talk shit about him. For sure a guy you want in the locker room with you. But also that he does things like this. Just going up to the stars and asking if they win a title if they'd smoke with him. 

Steph I could see being like 'hold on, let me ask Ayesha first. Gotta get approval' and immediately texting Ayesha all giddy. Kobe? I could see him being like 'Matt, shut the fuck up. Let's go win and then ask me.' Either way, Matt I just want you to know that if Steph keeps refusing to smoke with you, I'll happily take up that offer. But really, now is the time for Steph to live up to his end of the deal. There's no drug testing in Orlando and the Warriors aren't even there. Just meet Barnes for an afternoon. 

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