Today's Trivia Match Is Probably The Best One Yet ('The Dozen: Trivia Competition Presented By The Hustle, Live At 11|10c)

I don't love overhyping things, especially when it comes to my own products... HOWEVER, today's trivia match (we had to pre-record due to a time commitment with our guy Frank the Tank and his day job) is a can't-miss affair in my opinion.

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Let's set the stage:
- KB & Nick have returned for the third time (0-2)
- They're 0-1 with Frank the Tank and their last loss was close
- Multiple slip-ups cost them the last match
- Brandon & PFT are coming off a tough loss in the first-ever overtime
- The loss was controversial and snapped a six-match winning streak
- Brandon and KB & Nick have a rivalry
- Brandon and Frank the Tank have a rivalry
- Someone might have smoked before this match

The episode will air LIVE here on the site at 11:00|10:00c this morning and will be posted for immediate replay once the show wraps up. But before that, catch-up on the previous two matches between the guys...

See you at 11|10c and enjoy the show!