Wake Up With Cody Bellinger Having Himself A Day In The Little League World Series

Cody Bellinger has quickly jumped up my personal rankings of favorite baseball players. Maybe it's cuz he hits bombs and is a flat out stud or maybe it's because his POTM card in MLB The Show is filthy. This is a kid who's been the best player on every team he's literally ever played for. Take for example, his team in the LLWS. Nothing to see here, just an infield single, a frozen rope up the middle, and then a homer to the power alley in left center as Arizona pours it onto Maryland. Belli's becoming one of the faces of baseball too, LA has some decent star power out there with Trout, Mookie, Belli, Kershaw, Walker, and Ohtani. He's been a big leaguer for 3 years and already has an MVP and a Rookie Of The Year trophy on his shelf, probably has those next to his framed LLWS jersey, cuz that kid was absolutely raking back then.

PS. Is Gary Thorne ever not calling a big sporting event? Wether it's an Orioles game, a Frozen Four matchup, LLWS, or Pete Weber and his "WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE? I AM!" bowling match. Guy is everywhere.