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The Vienna Beef Factory Store In Bucktown Is Closing Up Shop July 3rd

This is kind of a calling all cars situation to the Bucktown/Roscoe/DePaul Lincoln Park people that didn't see this coming and are looking to pick up a big score before the 4th of July next weekend. It had originally scared the shit out of me because I thought they were closing up shop on the fast food section for good, but the truth is that they're just moving to the west side and shutting down this plant on Damen.

Apparently some people thought Vienna was going out of business altogether which is insane too. I'd like all of their numbers because they have to be some fool to think that this juggernaut is going anywhere. Anyway, I know at least one stoolie will see this and it'll remind him not to be the guy who brings nothing to the party so this blog was for you.