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Can't Stop Laughing At These Announcers Making Fun Of An Inter Milan Player For The Worst Missed WIDE OPEN Goal You'll See

That's one of the absolute worst missed goals you'll see. Just a wide open net, no defender around and he boots it directly off the bar. All you gotta do is *Happy Gilmore voice* tap it in. Just give it a little tap. Instead you get a little bit too much momentum and fire it 100mph directly up. I will say this is where I hate not having fans. Imagine if he missed that in front of a stadium full of Italian soccer fans. It'd be loud as shit and he wouldn't hear the end of it - from both the away and home fans. 

But the real star here are the announcers. I fucking love soccer announcers. They get to show the most emotion this side of Gus Johnson. Just sitting here screaming 'how do you miss that' and 'it was TOO easy.' The 'It's the miss of the season' really cuts though. That's how you know you fucked up. That's gonna be tough when Gagliardini rewatches the game. Might want to watch that one on mute or hope this coach isn't in the locker room. 

And yeah, I know, we all would have scored there.