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So The New Fatalities From Motal Kombat X Are About The Most Intense Shit You'll Ever See

First off, Sonya Blade not showing her thighs is an absolute crime. Those legs along with Lara Croft’s 8-bit-tits got every 90’s kid through some tough times. Other than that, congrats on winning the war against video game violence, MK. Gone are the days of Scorpion ripping off his mask or Jax uppercutting someone into the river of acid for your standard FATALITY. This shit will desensitize the most squeamish of pussies. The blood, brains, hearts and sounds are all something else. I guess anything goes. Did Johnny Cage just rip through a chest cavity with his bare hands and doing a Johnny Carson? Believe it.

Hey Cassie Cage, relax toots. It’s one thing to sever a man in 4, it’s another to rupture the goods like this.


PS – Remember BABALITIES? Now you do.