The Texas Rangers' New Ballpark Is Getting Blasted Online for Looking Like a $1 Billion Sheet Metal Warehouse

With Major League Baseball's announcement on Tuesday that there would be a 2020 season, the Texas Rangers took to Twitter to bask in the glory of the fact that this year will be the inaugural season for their new ballpark, after all.

The Rangers replaced Globe Life Park — formerly known by its much better name of The Ballpark in Arlington — with Globe Life Field, a brand new, $1.2 billion facility with a retractable roof and most importantly, air conditioning. Much like when the Braves transitioned from Turner Field (1997) to SunTrust Park — now Truist Park — in 2017, Globe Life Park (1994) wasn't particularly old, but it's never a bad time to have a new toy, I suppose.

But after posting the views from the new digs on Twitter, several people were less than impressed at what looks like a billion-dollar warehouse made out of sheet metal.

I will say the views from the Rangers' professional videography crew close to the ballpark don't look as bad as that aerial shot, but I do think there's something to be said for a $1.2 billion building looking like a silo out in the middle of Iowa.

However, if you told me I could trade in the picturesque architecture of Truist Park for a giant metal cube with air conditioning, I'd sign up for it in a New York minute. Globe Life Field may very well be the ugliest ballpark in the Big Leagues, but going to a July baseball game in an air conditioned building sounds so wonderful I'd make the necessary trade-offs.

And the shots from inside the ballpark look pretty nice. You just have to get over the look from a vantage point nobody is going to see it at anyway. I have talked myself into being pro-metallic sheet metal warehouse.