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Mike Perry Is Actually Going To Have His Girlfriend (And Only His Girlfriend) In His Corner On Saturday

"Platinum" Mike Perry meets fellow welterweight Mickey Gall (who famously beat CM Punk) on Saturday at the UFC Apex in the night's co-main event, despite the injuries/cuts he was proudly showing off a few days back....

....and the sole person in his corner will be his girlfriend, Latori Gonzalez. Mike Perry previously had his ex-wife, the "Platinum Princess", in his corner along with his team, but they're not together anymore, and I don't believe he's ever just forgone the "team" aspect entirely.

Kinda brilliant, though, huh?! Less people takin a cut of your paycheck in the end?! It's even a little romantic? Date night!

He says that luckily, his girl won't even have to do anything but watch, as well, because he plans on getting a quick dub here....

Great news for her. I'm sure she was delighted to hear that.