Mother Of The Year Drops Her Son Off To Rob A Store, Becomes The Getaway Driver And Gets Arrested Because Of Taco Bell

[Source] - A Pennsylvania mom has been arrested and charged for being her son's 'getaway driver' when he allegedly held up a store at gunpoint and made off with $3,570. 

Lori Ann McHenry, 52, admitted to driving her son Steven James Martin, 28, to and from Sam's Place Lottery & Tobacco in Montoursville in March where he carried out an armed robbery, authorities said. 

According to an affidavit, McHenry confessed to cops that she drove Martin to the store, dropping him off and then picking him back up once the alleged robbery was over.

Moms, man. There's nothing they won't do for a kid. I'm convinced of it. You know Steven sat down at the kitchen table and told his mom about this genius plan he had. She said 'say no more.' That's all moms need to hear. The funniest part of this for sure though is her dropping him off. Him just sitting shotgun, listening to some 90s jams like Third Eye Blind to get in the mood to rob a store while she tells him to be safe. Typical mom. 

Actually, correction. The funniest part is how they got caught: 

The net closed in on the duo when staff at a nearby Taco Bell said they recognized Martin in surveillance footage because he wore similar clothing when he worked at the fast food joint, state police said. 

Late night Taco Bell always gets you. In Steven's case (by the way so much better than Stephen. We need to stop spelling names differently and pronouncing them the same. I'm looking at you Caitlin/Katlyn/Kaitlyn and Brittany/Britney/Britni) he just happened to work at Taco Bell and wore the same clothes. Feel like rule No. 1 to robbing a store is dressing differently. Then again, I've never robbed a store so what do I know. 

Moms, what won't they do?