This Might Be The Best Way You Could Possibly Spend 44 Minutes

One of my general rules in life is that if there is a Steph Curry shooting highlight reel, I'm watching without hesitation. Doesn't matter if it's him taking practice shots in an open gym or in this case is 44 MINUTES of his outrageous 2015-16 season in which he made 402 THREES in 79 games. Read that sentence again and try and comprehend how on earth that was possible. The man took 11 3PA a night and made 45% of his threes. What the hell even is that?

I know it's not exactly breaking news that Steph Curry can, ya know, shoot but I do think after basically not seeing him all year people can sometimes forget what an absolute force he is. If you look at the Top 10 all time made threes in a season, Steph currently owns

1st - 402

3rd - 354

4th - 324

6th- 286

9th - 272

James Harden got "close" last year and by close I mean he made 378, but he shot just 35% from deep. That's a whole lot different from Curry's 45%. You could argue that Curry's 2015-16 season was the greatest shooting season in NBA history. Because not only did he shoot 45% from deep, but he also shot 50% from the field! That's right, the man put up a 50/40/90 season averaging 30 a game and making over 400 threes. That doesn't even seem real. There have only been 8 players in NBA history to throw up a 50/40/90 and I don't recall any of them taking and making that many threes. For example when Reggie Miller did it, he made 193 3PM. Steve Nash did it a handful of times and never made more than 179. In Durant's season he only made 139. Steph went out there and made over 3x that. You see those numbers and all you can really do is laugh because they seem fake.

So go ahead, hit play. If you're at work right now you and I both know you don't want to do shit. If you're at home, pack and bowl and get lost in the threes. I promise this will be a 44 minutes you will not regret.