Wake Up With The JR Smith Experience

Now that JR Smith is officially back in our NBA lives again it's only right that we relive the JR Smith Experience. There are certainly two sides to that coin, the first being the video above. I know it's fun to make jokes about JR, but this man can play. I think people forget how good he really was and can sometimes still be because of all his hilarious screw ups, but if the Lakers are going to get the type of JR in that video, that's a huge win. Someone that could make it rain from three and also dunk on your head. The exact definition of a wild ride.

But there's also this JR Smith

The one thing we can count on is that he's going to make an impact on a Lakers playoff game one way or another. He could very well steal a game by making something crazy like 7 threes, and he also could have another brain fart and forget the score in a high pressure situation. 

Either way the NBA is better when JR Smith is active and on a roster, and the fact that he's now joining a team with title hopes is one of the few bright spots in this shit sandwich that is the NBA's return. I know I can't wait to see what happens.