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Magic Johnson's Tweet About Avery Bradley's Injury Shot The World Back Into Normalcy

You know what guys? I'm starting to think everything is actually going to be alright after all. Coronavirus, the nonstop barrage of headlines about a spike in the South, and Big Tony Fauci throwing doubt on the NFL season had things looking bleaker than after Thanos beat the bag out of the Avengers Big 3 around the 2 hour mark of Endgame. 

But last night was essentially the portals scene with little tidbits of normalcy returning to Twitter. Baseball announced it was #back, a bunch of political people were talking about political shit that was wayyyyy above my head, and then finally Magic entered the chat by cocking his hot take cannon.

I don't know how exactly much losing Avery Bradley will hurt the Lakers during the action-packed circus we are about to #witness down in Orlando. But I do know Magic Johnson letting us know that the Lakers will miss a battle tested veteran that was 6th on the team in minutes finally has me remembering what life was like before the entire world changed. They don't call him Magic for nothing, folks!