Sometimes life works out perfectly. This is one of those times. Everyone knew this was the likely scenario, we just needed Woj or Shams to tell us it would be. JR has been hanging out with LeBron and been around Los Angeles so it's not exactly shocking. But if you're telling me you're not excited for the Lakers to be in a tie game, LeBron having a hell of a game only for JR to fuck up in a unique way, you're a liar. 

More importantly are you telling me you're not giddy to hear JR Smith bubble stories? The man is going to be shirtless at all times, trying to figure out how to break bubble protocol with no drug testing and hang out with his buddies. He's looking forward to AAU lifestyle more than anyone else. I just assume we're going to hear reports of him creating a ruckus with pranks gone bad at 3am every night. This is what we need in this moment. I firmly believe JR Smith is here to help bring sports back. 

Oh and don't even get me started with him and Dion Waiters as teammates. LeBron's gonna be so confused when he walks in the bubble and sees these two warming up together. This is how we heal. This is what we need to get back in our sports lives. If this happens and there's no trouble it will be the biggest upset of the NBA season. Long live JR man.