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Avery Bradley Has Opted Out Of Playing In Orlando

We've seen a few guys opt out of playing in Orlando for one reason or another whether it be future contract situations or family. What we haven't seen yet is a rotation player on a championship contending team do just that. Until Avery Bradley. That should tell you how serious players are taking this situation. Not just players who will be in Orlando for a cup of coffee, but guys that could miss a title run. To learn the driving force behind this decision is the safety of his family, well to me this is a no brainer. Who gives a shit about basketball when you're talking about someone's life. I respect Avery for making this decision as someone who has a great chance of at least being in the Finals. And it's not like he barely plays either, Avery started 44 of his 49 appearances and plays 24 minutes a night.

As someone who spent a fair amount of time watching Avery Bradley play, I know how valuable he can be. An elite on ball perimeter defender and someone who has a history of making big shots. Not having Avery Bradley is definitely a tough blow on some level for the Lakers. Not that he's irreplaceable, but Avery Bradley is still pretty damn good in his role. Even if he isn't quite what he once was in his mid 20s. He still shoots 36% from deep and the Lakers need all the shooting they can get.

Which naturally means one thing

Giphy Images.

It's JR Smith time. Why not? He's eligible to sign with anyone, he's close with LeBron, he can shoot, seems like a no brainer. Imagine a bench with Dion Waiters AND JR Smith? In a high pressure situation they are 100000% taking the shot over LeBron. Can't even give either of them a touch or that thing is going up.

At the very least, maybe we get another one of these