As Soon As "Backyard Lacrosse" Becomes An Actual Game, Baseball Is Over

Everybody who knows me or has ever read any of my work on the site knows that I hate hot takes. Absolutely despise them and would never put out any takes myself that are strictly spicy just for the sake of being controversial. ESPECIALLY not when those takes pertain to the sport of lacrosse. Everything I write and have written is always carefully calculated, reasoned, and delivered. 

Which is why I am 100% comfortable with saying the sport of baseball will cease to exist the moment that children all across the globe can start playing Backyard Lacrosse. 

Think about the MLB right now. I can guarantee you that if you were to poll all of the players, roughly 75% of them would say they've gotten to the point they're at now in their careers because they wanted to be Pablo Sanchez. Maybe the generation before them was because they wanted to be on a baseball card. Maybe the generation before them was because it was the 30s and there was dick else to do. But we've got an entire generation of elite baseball players right now solely because they wanted to crush dingers like Pablo. But what do the next generation of baseball players have to idolize right now? Getting called "sugar tits" by Audrey Huff? Having the owners and commissioner trying to do everything possible to bend you over and blast you in the ass while trying to negotiate a shortened season in the midst of a global pandemic? Fact of the matter is that baseball is already teetering on the edge here. 

A "Backyard Lacrosse" game could be that final push to send them over. And again, those are strictly the facts here. Kids get addicted to video games. You get them hooked on backyard lacrosse, eventually they start messing around with the real thing. Once that starts to happen and the MLB is still trying to negotiate a season 10-15 years from now, every kid in America is going to be growing up dreaming about being the next Brantford Winstonworth (would assume he'd take the role of Pablo Sanchez in Backyard Lacrosse). All I'm saying is that if I were big baseball right now, I'd be checking under my bed every night for Backyard Lacrosse becoming more than just a merch line.