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SOUND THE BREAKING NEWS ALARM: Emily Ratajkowski Is Now A Blonde

We got breaking news! I repeat we got breaking news! Emily Ratajkowski is now a blonde. This feels like an important development not just in the hair industry but in the Barstool world. It's no secret that we're all fans of EmRata. She's a popular blog topic. And now she just goes and changes everything, flips the game upside down and becomes a blonde.

Also an A+ caption on her Instagram. BLONDE. That just makes me laugh. But what do you care? You're here for pictures. Here you go: 

Just goes to show you what weird times we are currently in. We should be getting ready for the NBA Draft. We should be watching baseball. We should be enjoying trips to the shore, lake, river, whatever body of water you enjoy. We should be talking about EmRata, a brunette, in a bikini. That's a staple. But she decided to go blonde. This is the first time I can tell we've seen this (I searched her name in our search button, no clue how well that actually works).