Saturday 90's At Noon Music Throwdown - Soundgarden Vs. STP



Back for another week of our Saturday music throwdown, putting some of the best (and sometimes worst) songs of the 90’s.

In case you’re new to the game, here are the previous fights:

Week 1 Semi-Charmed Life beat Blink 182’s Dammit
Week 2 Hey Jealousy edged out One Headlight
Week 3 Kill My Sunshine dominated LFO’s Summer Girls
Week 4 Wonderwall laid the beat down on DMB’s Crush on Valentine’s Day
Week 5 Rap beat rock when Juicy beat Smells Like Teen Spirit
Week 6 K-Ci and JoJo destroyed Savage Garden
Week 7, Bittersweet Symphony beat The Freshmen
Week 8 Sublime killed 311.
Week 9 Eagle Eye Cherry beat Fastball.
Week 10 in a very close fight, RHCP edged out Tupac.
Week 11 I’m Blue beat How Bizarre
Week 12 Flagpole Sitta ran away with it.
Week 13 Bawitdaba destroyed Nookie.
Week 14 Lit beat down Sugar Ray.
Week 15 Hootie edged out Blues Traveler in a matchup for the ages
Week 16 Time of Your Life skimmed by Closing Time
Week 16 in a battle of the girls, Zombie beat Don’t Speak.
Week 17 Sister Hazel embarrassed Vertical Horizon
Week 17 Nine Days crushed SR-71


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Today’s matchup is bringing the grunge.






While Blackhole Sun’s lyrics make no sense, it’s still a catchy song. As for why I chose Plush over Interstate Love Song, Vasoline, Creep, etc., no real reason. Just had to choose one.

Vote 1 for Blackhole Sun, 10 for Plush.

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Bonus Song!