Do You Respond To A Text 'Reaction'?

The number of ways of communication nowadays are insane. 

So many options which in return of course means even more ways to overthink daily interactions. One that I'm continually trying to figure out is whether or not you respond to a reaction in text form. 

"Reactions" have become the easiest way to tell someone "thanks but this conversation is over" without having to seem like a total prick. Or is there more to it than that? 

All I can think of in these scenarios are how Seinfeld would have reacted in this certain situations. 

The conclusion I've come to is, like many things involving relationships and communication, there are different rules for different scenarios. 

Like Costanza would argue, on the surface a reaction is technically a response. You get a notification as if it's a message that has more text than just a "thumbs up", but if they aren't taking the time to type something else out more than that, do they really want to talk? 

If it's one of the boys then it's fair game. Reactions can almost enhance the conversation. An emphasis (!!) or the laugh in this scenario can be just as good if not better than them texting out "hahaha". Typically these reactions are followed up with another text to continue the conversation. 

But if a lady is the one responding with a reaction then that's where the waters get a little murky. If it's the start of a new relationship or perhaps you're trying to work your way in to make some plans with said girl and she responds with a "thumbs up" reaction then set your phone down in another room, walk away, and don't pick it up until maybe the next day. 

A text back in that response is going to do no good. Leave the ball in their court in this situation. Even if they were to respond with a "heart" reaction - still don't get your hopes up. That's the equivalent of a "aw haha cool" text. 

There's not a shot in hell you'd want to respond to that so don't get all worked up because they send a little heart your way. Take it as "hey I'd love if you didn't respond again". 

Then if the next time you see them out and they say "Yeah i texted back and didn't hear back from you" then you know you're more in the clear than what you once were. 

I'd say a fair rule for me in this situation is if they've met your parents more than once that's when you can respond to some sort of reaction that they send without another response to follow. 

These rules may seem childish and unnecessary, but it's 2020 and that's what we got. No one wants to end up like Costanza - a double texter.