Sounds Like We Have Another #SourceOff About Whether Or Not Boogie Will Be In Orlando

Alright, hand up. This one actually surprised me. I'm pretty sure we all accepted the reality that Boogie was going to find his way back to the Lakers for their attempted title run in Orlando. Why wouldn't he? He knows their system, has a great relationship with LeBron, and since rosters are being expanded it seemed like a no brainer. My guess is that the Lakers were one of the "multiple" teams interested in bringing him in, we heard about how John Wall was trying to get the Wizards to bring Boogie in which made sense since Bertans is sitting out.

I don't think it's fair to expect that whatever version we would have seen from Boogie would be his Kings/Pelicans version, but he's not the worst option if you need to break the glass incase of an emergency. He's good enough where he could have a random awesome performance that could swing a playoff game. At the very least he's 6 fouls. It then makes me wonder if he's sitting out because the teams that were interested in him aren't really contenders. He's looking for a new team next year and maybe he doesn't want to risk it for a team that's only going to be in the bubble for two seconds.

But that's not the case with the Lakers, so if they were interested and Boogie turned them down, I find that pretty shocking. It'll be even more interesting if the Lakers don't win the title and have big man issues only to see Boogie go there later in free agency. I can understand his reasoning given what happened in GS and not wanting to risk another injury after not playing all season, but in my opinion he could have been that missing wild card for a number of contenders. Teams like HOU/OKC/LAC/TOR all could have used his services if he was 100% healthy which it sounds like he is.  

As someone who doesn't particularly care for the success of the Lakers, I find this news refreshing. I'm sure this will be spun that they weren't even interested in the first place and all that bullshit but I'm not buying it. 

It's been a long time since we've seen Boogie dominate, but when he was healthy he was very much a problem for opposing defenses. It'll be interesting to see what his market looks like in free agency after such a long time to get right


I was all ready to publish this blog when this dropped from the clouds

A good old fashioned #sourceoff! Here's what I'm thinking. Shams is tight with Klutch. He's their guy. Rich Paul knows what the Lakers are going to do. Is it possible that Boogie isn't going to LA and Klutch tried to make it seem like the Lakers aren't signing him because Boogie doesn't want to come back at all? Why else would his agent come out and deny that report? Maybe there's a team on the fence about it and is considering pulling back once they saw Sham's report. You would think Boogie would want to play in an effort to up his value for free agency right?


All I know is I love a good #sourceoff. We had one a few weeks ago with Durant/Kyrie and it looks like Boogie is next. Sometimes you have to find the little things to get you through quarantine, and this does it for me.