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Bend don’t break!  What a roller coaster that game was.  A roller coaster of torture for a full three and a half quarters.  The Hawks couldn’t do anything against Ball State for 85% of that game.  It didn’t help that almost instantly the Cardinals picked up a fumble and scored A Fat Guy touchdown in which our best player Brandon Scherff got hurt trying to make the tackle on.  When I saw Scherff laying on the ground holding his knee I thought I was going to throw up . But he came back annnnnd the Hawks still struggled for a couple more quarters.  Couldn’t get anything going on offense (check down throws on check down throws on check down throws), the defense was passable and the special teams were atrocious.  A total of three missed field goals from two different kickers.  Unreal.  The fact we had only three points headed into the 4th quarter against Ball State raises some major red flags, no?  Yes it does.  It took a 14-point comeback in the 4th quarter with 5 minutes to go just to beat a team at home who we were favored to beat by 20.  At one point it seemed to click and everybody said, “Oh yeah, we’re not supposed to lose this game.  It’s Ball State!”  But whatever.  Am I happy about how the Hawks looked?  Fuck no.  They looked AWFUL in just about every facet and we had no business winning that game at all.  But hey, we’re still undefeated.  I’ll take it.  That feels pretty good even if it shouldn’t.


PS- Serisouly, if Iowa needs a kicker I can start practicing now and be ready for Iowa State in a week.  I’ll still be a whole hell of a lot better than the kickers they’re currently rolling out there.


Double PS- For the people saying Rudock should get yanked from his starting role and CJ Beathard should be inserted, watch that last drive again and get back to me.


NEVER A DOUBT! 2-0 headed into Iowa State week.