A Michael Jordan-Signed Baseball From 1976 — Possibly His First Autograph Ever — Is Up for Auction

Michael Jordan autographed thousands of basketballs, shoes, cards and Lord knows what else over the course of his career. But if the price is right, you could own what could very well be his first autograph ever — from when he was just 13 years old.

TMZ — Here's the deal ... in 1976, Jordan played on Parkers Food Stores (a local grocery store & team sponsor) Babe Ruth League youth baseball team in Wilmington, North Carolina.

Jordan, who wore #10 -- along with his teammates -- signed a ball to commemorate their 11-3 season ... which ended in a championship.

The team's manager, Dick Neher -- who was a co-worker of MJ's dad, James Jordan -- held on to the ball for over 25 years before selling it in 2002.

Now, Goldin Auctions has acquired the 1-of-a-kind piece ... where it's available for auction online.

While obviously owning a pair of Jordans autographed by MJ or something like that would be amazing, there's something about things like this to me that are far more appealing. If I had the money and desire to be bidding on sports memorabilia, I'd want this baseball long before a pair of Jordan's shoes from a playoff game. It just seems cooler to me.

For all the hype The Last Dance got, I want a documentary about the 1976 Parkers Food Stores baseball team from Wilmington, North Carolina. I need to know what Jordan was like as a teammate at 13, because it's not like he just got to the NBA and decided he had to win then. I'd love to hear from his childhood teammates about what it was like playing for a 13-year-old tyrant.

But if you've got an extra $50,000 or so lying around, you might be able to own this unique piece of sports history.