Mike Tyson Dropped Another Training Video And He Is Ready For A Title Shot

That is a DANGEROUS man right there. Look, I like boxing, but I am NOT an expert in the sport by any stretch. I see a hype video for smartcups and I don't really know what I am looking at. However, what I see is a man that if he gets inside and lands a right he will still send the best fighters into another realm of consciousness. The Heavy weight division is actually great for the first time in 20 years with Fury, Wilder, Joshua, and Ruiz all being great and entertaining fighters. And you know what...I'd rather see Tyson get a title shot than any of them. You can't convince me that he'd be in trouble. The opposite. YOU'RE in trouble. That's the best thing about Tyson and that is what makes boxing. When he is in the ring, there is an air of danger. I want to see the real thing again. 

It's crazy to watch these videos and see rumors of Tyson making a comeback when just a year ago he said he doesn't even like to watch boxing anymore and doesn't like to be reminded of his younger self. 

Maybe he left the studio that day and decided to start watching boxing more closely after talking to Rogan. Maybe he watched that and said...I can whip their ass. Or maybe he just knows that he can sell instagram adds just by training. I hope it's the latter. I remember hearing an old quote about Sonny Liston...the only thing Liston was afraid of was crazy people and that is why Ali played up the crazy character. Well it's not a character with Tyson. He's insane. If you don't want to see that brain and that power in the ring again then you're dead inside.